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The Theatre, City, Country.

We have dreams and a story to tell. Thanks to you, we were able to bring the spectacle to the premiere — the success we had caused a great interest in the Clara spectacle (radio, television). Unfortunately, the independent continuation of the project is beyond our financial capabilities. Therefore, we hope to live here with our offer. We believe that with your help, we will be able to show the Clara spectacle in various cities and represent Poland with dignity at international theatre festivals.



We appreciate and use every donation wisely. It is thanks to individual donors that we have managed, among others print advertising materials and equip dancers with costumes. So, if you would like to help us organise the next event, know that each sum transferred brings us closer to achieving this goal. In the case of higher donations from individual donors, we offer, among others, personal invitations to upcoming performances.

Place / stage

We will gladly accept any invitation to perform Clara in various locations throughout the world. So if you have a stage – in a theatre, cultural centre, company or elsewhere – and a place in the repertoire for our performance, please contact us. We are interested in various types of cooperation under the kind of support by sharing a scene(for rehearsals and performances). Invite Clara to your place!


We would like to realise our dream of performing Clara in many cities in the world, in theatres and at festivals. That is why we have created our sponsorship offer for organisations, companies and private individuals who would like to help us achieve this dream. We offer different types of Clara’s sponsorship – each has a clearly defined form and benefits. If you are interested, get acquainted with our offer.

MEDIA PATRONAGE: We are happy to establish media cooperation with cultural institutions, information portals, radio and television on the entire Clara project or at individual events organised as part of the project in various locations. Read more

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