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We would like to realise our dream of performing Clara all over the world, in theatres and at festivals. That is why we have created our sponsorship offer for organisations, companies and private individuals who would like to help us achieve this dream.

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Sponsor the Spectacle

Spectacle Clara is ready. It has its premiere on 13.10.2019 on the Joint Stage of the Łejera Theater in Poznań (Poland), where it was very positively received and aroused great interest. Our spectacle is an original material, maintained at a high level, reaching both young and old recipients.

Clara does not have any funding. It was created thanks to the willingness and faith of its creators and the support of the individual helpers. To be able to perform the spectacle in other places and present Clara to a wider audience, we need funds that will enable us to do so. That is why we are asking you for support.



Spectacle Clara

1. Basic Information

Spectacle Clara lasts 50 minutes, is a high-level dance performance – a bold and interesting fusion of classical ballet and modern dance. The team consists of 13 people. Alisa Makarenko is responsible for directing, choreography and lighting. The leading roles were given to two professional dancers: Natalia Trafankowska (Teatr Wielki in Poznań) playing the title Clara, and Robert, played by Alexey Torgunakow (9 seasons at the Russian Bolshoi Theatre). The performance uses the music of three German composers (and also the main characters of the story): Clara Schumann, Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms.


2. Our mission and goals

On September 13, 2019, we celebrated the 200th anniversary of the birth of the grand piano virtuoso, the romantic composer Clara Schumann, who occupied a leading position among nineteenth-century pianists. It was on this occasion we created our dance performance, initially called the Clara Project. We want to provide our viewers with a beautiful experience originally and professionally, draw their attention to the composer’s extraordinary biography, and prevent her from disappearing from people memory over time.

Our mission is, therefore:

– cultural education;
– promotion of culture and education through art;
– cultural cooperation with other institutions in Poland and abroad.


3. Subject of the Spectacle

The story presents the fate of three pianists who were connected by an extraordinary bond. The materials used to create the spectacle are the letters and diaries of his heroes – full of mutual respect and attachment, and the remarkable sensitivity of Clara Schumann, Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms. The spectacle above all shows unusual sensitivity, love, parenthood, friendship, mental illness, as well as adolescence, acquiring life experience, limitations and weaknesses related to the human psyche and body.
Read more on the Story page.

4. Target Group

The Clara performance uses the universal language of movement and music, thanks to which it meets the expectations of a broad audience, both young enthusiasts of classical music and dance theatre, as well as older connoisseurs of theatre art and contemporary ballet in the so-called “good taste.” Our target group are people of all ages, from 10-year-olds and more aged.


The way of solving problems / meeting the needs of our target group

Classical art, due to its precise nature, becomes uninteresting for young people, and consequently is exposed to oblivion. To show the value and timelessness of classical music and classical ballet, we try to popularise it among young people. Our first way is an experiment based on interpreting traditional art by modern choreography. The second thing is to restore social problems of that period, referring to recent times. The Clara project is an attempt to combine seemingly two divergent approaches to movement, i.e. the quality of the dance of professional dancers and contemporary ballet. It has an educational and culture-forming character, both for the viewer and the producers.


5. Complementarity with other activities of organizations, facilities etc.

Through its educational and culture-creating nature, the Clara spectacle complements the activities of theatres, schools and community centres as well as institutional theatres.


6. Costs

To obtain the full sponsorship offer (brochure / PDF) with the exact cost estimate for the Clara spectacle, please contact us via email: or the contact form at the bottom of this page. Thank you in advance for your interest. We will respond as soon as possible.

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