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We will gladly accept invitations to show Clara in various locations throughout the world. If you have a stage – in a theatre, cultural centre, company or another institution – and space in the repertoire for our performance, please contact us. Invite Clara to your town!


We are looking for a friendly stage!

With joy and hope, we announce the search for places (equipped with a stage) where we could show spectacle Clara. Our material is intended for recipients of all ages. Therefore, we are interested in cooperation with large theatres and small-town cultural centres. We are happy to go with Clara to festivals and even abroad :). If you would like to see Clara’s spectacle at home, contact us. We believe that while travelling with our performance into the world, we can establish beautiful cooperation – on terms that we will gladly set individually with each of the places.

Theatres / cultural centres

Profits for places

1. Advertisement

First of all, the spectacle itself – being a high-level dance performance, beautifully showing the life of Clara Schumann, Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms – is an excellent advertisement for the stage on which it is staged.

Also, as part of providing space for the performance, we undertake to place the logo of the place on our website, and in advertising materials (such as posters and advertising leaflets), as well as in banners and posts used to advertise the event on social networks (Facebook, Instagram etc.). Information about the place/company contained in materials available on the Internet will be “linked” to the site or profile. We will not miss the name of our supporter in any interview or article about the spectacle in a given location.


2. Attraction for viewers of all ages

Because the spectacle uses the universal language of movement and music, it meets the expectations of a broad audience. It reaches people of all ages – both young enthusiasts of classical music and dance art, as well as older connoisseurs of theatre and contemporary ballet. We offer a high level of experience and in “good taste”.


3. Official thanks

The place that invites Clara deserves a huge thank you. Therefore, there are always warm words about our hosts. We thank them during the event as well as before and after it: on the Internet, social media and in subsequent interviews for news portals, television and the press.


4. Other

Another additional form of repaying for sharing the stage can be arranging a special meeting with the director and the cast of the spectacle. At this type of meeting, you can hear, among others about how the performance was created, how the choreography process works and many other exciting stories. What’s more, as the theatre cast includes professional dancers (and a choreographer who has extensive experience in teaching stage movement), we can also organise dance workshops for people from the area.


5. Profit from ticket sales

Together with the place, we will gladly set the ticket prices, as well as the conditions and purposes for which the profit from their sale will be transferred. We want the cooperation to be safe, understandable and satisfactory for both parties.

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