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We are happy to establish media cooperation with cultural institutions, news portals, radio and television on the entire Clara Spectacle project or at individual events organised as part of the project in various locations.


Cooperation with the Media

We offer the form of media patronage regarding the entire Clara project or only the prime minister taking place in a given location – city, district, etc. We believe that every media cooperation should bring equal profits to both parties – both for the Clara spectacle and for the Media Patrons. That is why we have prepared a list of examples of benefits that we can guarantee to potential Patrons as part of establishing media cooperation. You will find them below.

If you would like to take media patronage over the spectacle Clara, but you see it in a different form (than ones below) – please contact us. We are happy to hear your suggestion.

Radio / TV / Press

here are benefits

1.¬†Patron’s logo

As part of the media cooperation, we undertake to place the Media Patron’s logo on, among others, our website (in the patronage section) and advertising materials, such as posters and leaflets advertising the Clara spectacle, as well as banners used to promote the event on social networks. The Patron’s logo included in the materials available on the Internet is also appropriately “linked” to the website or profile of the media patron.

2. Sharing

All the materials created during the media cooperation with the Patron, i.e. interviews, reviews, programs and programs related to the Clara Spectacle, we undertake to further advertise through their announcements and sharing information about the created material on our website and social networks. In each material made available, we indicate its source and Patron.

3. Official thanks

We distinguish all our patrons with their full name in official acknowledgments both during the event, as well as on our website and in social media (Facebook).

4. Free tickets

We always have free tickets for the premiere of the play for our Media Patrons, of course :).

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