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Clara IN TVP Kultura (LIVE)

Clara on Scena Wspólna (Common Stage), Poznań

Thank you, Magdalena Ruta, for the excellent material and everyone else for your interest in our performance. Separate thanks are also due to our patrons: Scena Wspólna (Common Stage), STA Actors’ Studio, media patronage of and honorary support of the General German Consulate in Wrocław. 

Clara is a talented pianist and composer of the Romantic era, wife of Robert Schumann. A unique spectacle was created on the occasion of her 200th birthday. The premiere took place yesterday on the Common Stage of the Łejery Theater and the Children’s Art Center in Poznań.

The spectacle is based on Clary Schumann’s diaries and her music as well as the compositions of Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms. In the performance played among others: dancers from the Grand Theater in Poznań, including the ballet soloist Natalia Trafankowska, as well as dancers from the STA Acting School in Poznań and the Rozbark Theater in Bytom. The director and choreographer are Alisa Makarenko, a graduate of the Fryderyk Chopin University in Warsaw.

Formally, Clara is a fusion of classical and modern dance. She uses simple geometric shapes, including a triangle, or – in a lyrical layer – tells the story of the love trio Clary and Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms, who helped Clara bring up eight children when her husband got sick.

[Alisa Makarenko:]
Our spectacle is a fantastic story of Clara Schumann, about her life and a love triangle. I just wanted to do it my way – not so standard, not so stereotypical, not as it was before. Take three composers. I couldn’t help taking advantage of the fact that is having Natalia dancing on points (ballet shoes), I would only do contemporary art.

This dance spectacle paints history with the movement of the body – says the manager of the performance, but not just love story. Some witnesses claimed that Clara Schumann was a more talented composer than her husband. Edward Grieg was an admirer of her composition.

Source: [tv programme] ‘Informacje Kulturalne’ (Cultural Information), TVP Kultura, 14.10.2019